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20% Off Code "ZombieNana"
20% Off Code "ZombieNana"

White Mesh Crazy Lenses

$28.99 USD

White Mesh Contact Lenses
It's kind of Zombie Crazy LENSES cover completely your pupil by a white mesh, if you don't wear often the crazy, they may be confuse your sight, consider it carefully before purchasing, even they have excellent effect on your eyes.

White Mesh Lenses are used in movie and theater productions and are professional crazy lenses, very comfortable to wear, even more comfortable than standard crazy.


  • Power:0.0 0
  • DIA:14.2mm B.C:8.6
  • Water content:45%
  • Manufacturing techniques:semi casting mold
  • Made in South Korea:Exceptional Comfort
  • Manufacturing techniques: semi cast mold