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Black Sclera Contacts 22mm Lenses

$179.95 USD $69.95 USD

Brand See Clear (FDA)

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black sclera Crazy Contacts 22mm lens

Something you should know about black sclera contacts.
Black sclera contacts have no prescription; they are made for costuming using only. When you wear the black sclera contacts, they will transform the appearance of your entire eye into black. They are soft and comfortable. But they can’t help you to correct your vision. They are easy for you to see through, because the center of each lens is transparent.

  • Sold As a Pair
  • Right Eye:0
  • Left Eye:0
  • DIA:22mm
  • Base Curve:11
  • Water content:45%
  • Material: Polyhema
  • Manufacturing techniques:semi casting mold
  • Made in South Korea:Exceptional Comfort

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    Lens Eye Care instructions included

    ** Non prescription, zero power lens. Cosmetic use only **

    FDA considers all contact lens a medical device (this includes plano lenses also known as non prescription lenses) and can only be sold with the involvement of an eye care professional. For all prescription lenses, please provide your eye doctors name and phone number so that we can verify the prescription with them (including plano lenses). Your eye doctor has eight-business-hours to respond. If your eye doctor does not respond within the required time, the prescription is then verified automatically.

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